Gamelender game rental reviewGamelender is another West Coast online rental service, with a San Jose, CA distribution center. This company just recently started offering Next-Gen titles, so their stock is not quite up to par with a solid service like Gamefly. The website is a bit slack on game info and does not show which titles are in stock.

There is no free trial, money-back guarantee, or discount for your first month.

Game Stock and Wait Times
There is no way to tell what games are in stock. Gamelender asks that you keep at least 10 games in your queue at all times. Games are shipped within 1-2 days, which is a rather long wait.

Keep Your Games
You must contact the service manually if you wish to purchase your rental to keep. Prices will be charged based on “current market value,” how they determine that is not known.

Customer Service
A short FAQ is offered, in addition to email and toll-free phone support. I called the support number and was greeted by an answering machine.

Rental Plans
2 Games Out - $19.99 per month (works out to $10 per game)
3 Games Out - $24.99 per month (works out to $8.33 per game)
5 Games Out - $34.99 per month (works out to $7 per game)

NOT Recommended
These rental plans are very competitive, but you lose any benefit with poor rental service. Due to limited website functionality, only one shipping center, and no free or discounted trial, I cannot recommend this service. Gamefly would be a much better choice for those on or near the West Coast.