Gamerang game rental reviewGamerang is another rental option with several shipping locations. With distribution centers on both coasts, the Midwest and the South, shipping times should be better than average. Actual locations of the shipping centers are CA, NJ, MN and OK.

There is no free trial or money-back guarantee, but your first month is only $9.95 for one game out.

Game Stock and Wait Times
Of all the recent games I checked (released in the last 6 months), about half of them were currently available. The others were listed as Short Wait. This is about average compared to other game rental sites. When I signed up to try this service, I put one game in my “Choice List” that showed as available. I checked back two days later, and the game showed as “Short Wait.” Huh? I went ahead and added two more games that showed as available, and one of them shipped that day. This is not very reliable if you are wanting a specific game or two.

Keep Your Games
Gamerang allows you to keep your rental by paying a discounted price for them. However, the prices aren’t as good as they are on Gamefly or RentZero. Once you purchase your current rental, the next game in your queue is automatically sent.

Customer Service
There is an extensive knowledgebase on the site, and toll free support is also available. I called the support number and was in touch with a human right away. However, the website itself was a bit slow at times. I also had to login two or three times to add games to my Choice List, which was a bit irritating.

Rental Plans
1 Game Out - $14.95 ($9.95 for first month)
2 Games Out - $21.95 per month (works out to $11 per game)
3 Games Out - $29.95 per month (works out to $10 per game)
4 Games Out - $39.95 per month (works out to $10 per game)
Each add’l game out - $9.95 Add’l per month per game (up to 10 out at a time)

NOT Recommended
Due to the sketchy website availability status and other website functionality, coupled with no free trial or money-back guarantee, I recommend you use GameFly.