Gameznflix game rental review GameznFlix is an upstart rental house for games and movies. I think they tried to grow too big, too fast, because my experience with them was not good.

Games took too long to ship, at times it took 2 to 5 days before a title was even shipped. Game turnaround was 1 and a half weeks and up. I have never had such a bad rental experience.

Game Stock and Wait Times
There is no indication of titles being in stock, or when they might be in stock. Some titles are listed and have not even been inventoried yet. After you place the title in your queue, it will show up as “On Order.”

Keep Your Games
Game prices are ridiculous, often costing more than retail price for a brand new game.

Customer Service
Their support system is probably the worst I have ever used. You must look through questions that have been asked before. If your question is not listed, you get to post a new one and wait for their customer service reps to answer it. This is a public format and no direct communication is allowed. This system is a total joke.

Rental Plans
The rental plans, if you feel brave enough, are as follows:

1 Game Out - $8.99 per month
2 Games Out - $12.99 each month
3 Games Out - $16.99 each month
6 Games Out - $249.00 per year

I have tried this service twice. After I canceled my account, I was invited back for another trial, which I took. (Yeah, I’m a glutton for punishment - but they did say they had improved.) The service was no different as far as I could tell. I canceled before my second trial was up and I won’t be looking back.

NOT Recommended
I do not recommend this service unless you are on a severely limited budget and don’t care how long you have to wait to get your games. If you meet these criteria, you may want to consider finding a different hobby.

Try GameFly instead.